About planet-beruf.de

planet-beruf.de - Mein Start in die Ausbildung

planet-beruf.de - My start into vocational training

The media package planet-beruf.de is published by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). All of the media are available at the employment agencies or can be downloaded as PDF files in the media overview on www.planet-beruf.de.

The planet-beruf.de media package ...

... shows the way: planet-beruf.de provides information about all topics to do with career choices, job application and vocational training. The Internet portal helps pupils (aged 13 to 17) to focus on their career planning and strengthens their competence in making career choices.

... focuses on target groups: The main target group of planet-beruf.de is school pupils. The Internet portal is also aimed at teachers, parents and careers information coaches. They can learn how to support young people in their choice of career.

... is up-to-date: Up-to-date careers guidance is the motto of planet-beruf.de. Every week new articles are added to the portal. News, the newsletter and RSS feeds constantly provide information about new contents. All of the magazines as well as the application training module are updated once a year.

... is interactive: planet-beruf.de is an interactive Internet portal. Young people's own initiative is required in personal checklists, questionnaires and quizzes, in the application training module or in promotions and competitions.

... is comprehensive: planet-beruf.de is a media package carefully tuned to the target groups. It includes not only the online portal but also numerous print media.


The media package planet-beruf.de is intended to promote young people's competence in making career choices. The aim is to give them an understanding of the diversity of the occupational spectrum and encourage them to be open to alternative careers.

planet-beruf.de is intended to impart a positive attitude towards career choices, training and work. Young people are made aware of problems without arousing fear in them. The pupils' self-confidence is built up and vague fears are replaced by definite questions.

The online portal www.planet-beruf.de as the leading medium and the accompanying print media are particularly suitable for use in school lessons. Equally, young people can work with the media independently or together with their parents or legal guardians.

Publisher: Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Single copies of the print media are available from the Careers Information Centres (Berufsinformationszentren (BiZen)) at the employment agencies.

Some of the media are also distributed in schools across the country depending on the requirements reported.