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The pupils' workbooks "Schritt für Schritt zur Berufswahl" ("Step by Step to Choosing a Career") and "Einfach Schritt für Schritt zur Berufswahl" ("Simple Steps to Choosing a Career")

Cover of pupils' workbook, regular edition
Cover of pupils' workbook, simplified edition

"Schritt für Schritt zur Berufswahl" ("Step by Step to Choosing a Career") and "Einfach Schritt für Schritt zur Berufswahl" ("Simple Steps to Choosing a Career") are published once a year. They are workbooks geared towards action and results, which support support young people in the three stages of the career choice process, "information", "decision" and "application" and can also be used successfully in school lessons. The tasks, exercises, checklists and introductory texts can be used by the pupils alone or together as a class.

  • "Schritt für Schritt zur Berufswahl" ("Step by Step to Choosing a Career") is geared towards mainstream pupils.
  • "Einfach Schritt für Schritt zur Berufswahl" ("Simple Steps to Choosing a Career") is geared towards pupils with learning difficulties.

The Berufswahlmagazin ("The Career Choice Magazine")

Cover of the 02/2015 edition of Berufswahlmagazin

The Berufswahlmagazin ("Career Choice Magazine") is published four times per year and introduces young people to the subject of career choice in an entertaining way. Stars and their stories are the focus of the magazine and give the young people a motivating message on their way to choosing a career. Surrounding the stars there are reports, interviews and tips. A special focus topic is dealt with in each magazine.

By combining infotainment and basic contents on career choice issues, the "Career Choice Magazine" arouses young peoples' interest in the subject of career choice and encourages them to obtain information themselves. In this way the magazine makes readers curious about the www.planet-beruf.de portal.

More information about the media package

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Das BERUFE-Universum - Du suchst deinen Beruf? (The occupations universe - Which career is right for you?)

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The contents at a glance

  • Preparation for choosing a career
  • Information about types of training courses, occupations and occupational fields
  • Tips and information about looking for a vocational training position, applying for jobs or training positions, and starting training
  • Description of the services provided by the Federal Employment Agency
  • Ideas to make the readers think about their personal values and views
  • Special promotions to encourage personal effort
  • Infotainment elements

The teachers' magazine "Berufsorientierung in der Schule" ("Careers Guidance at School")

Cover of teachers' magazine

The teachers' magazine "Berufsorientierung in der Schule" ("Careers Guidance at School"), which is published once a year, provides concise information about the individual elements of planet-beruf.de. The diverse possibilities for using the media package are illustrated in the form of teaching ideas and practical tips. This gives teachers ideas as to how they can incorporate the planet-beruf.de media into their teaching.

The teachers' magazine and the pupils' workbooks complement each other.


The parents' magazine "Berufswahl begleiten" ("Accompanying Career Choice")

Cover of parents' magazine in German
Cover of Turkish/German parents' magazine

Parents are important advisers and contact persons for their children, especially during the career choice process. For parents the planet-beruf.de media package offers a magazine in German and one in Turkish and German. Both of the magazines are published every two years.

"Berufswahl begleiten" ("Accompanying Career Choice") provides parents and guardians with tips and practical support concerning how they can actively help their children during all phases of the career choice process. The information on offer ranges from training opportunities, contacts and advisory services to tips regarding job-search and applying for jobs and training places. In addition parents learn how they can stand by their children when they are working through the self-discovery programme BERUFE-Universum (occupations universe) on their computer at home.

The bilingual parents' magazine "Meslek seçiminde destek - Berufswahl begleiten" is aimed specifically at Turkish parents. Easy-to-understand texts in Turkish and German explain how parents can actively support their children in improving their German language skills and when looking and applying for vocational training positions. In addition the magazine provides information about what careers there are and what firms expect from their daughters or sons.