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This online service provided by the Federal Employment Agency supports school pupils, parents and teachers with all issues surrounding training and career choices and provides them with up-to-the-minute information.

The portal for school pupils - my start into vocational training

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What occupations are there? How can work experience be a success? What do I need to take into account when applying for a job or vocational training position? The school pupils' portal provides young people with the right information at every stage of the career choice process. The website contains exercises, checklists and tasks. Interviews with popular stars, promotions and competitions or e-cards provide for entertainment in the world of career choice.

School pupils benefit from a clear rubric structure geared towards the chronological order of the roadmap for career choice - information, decision, application:

  • Mein Fahrplan contains the roadmap for career choice and explains where information can be obtained for initial orientation. It also contains the BERUFE Entdecker, a career discovery tool.
  • Meine Talente includes the BERUFE-Universum (occupations universe), which matches young people with occupations that suit their strengths and interests.
  • Mein Beruf explains occupations from A to Z, provides accounts of typical daily schedules and reports about occupations. It also lists occupational fields.
  • Meine Bewerbung contains the Bewerbungstraining (application training) with exercises and tips to get young people ready for job-search, applications and job interviews.
  • Ausbildung - so läuft's explains what apprentices can expect at vocational school and in the firm.
  • Zwischenstationen contains information about schemes that turn gaps in one's C.V. into educational advantages.
  • Fun & Lifestyle provides tips to do with lifestyle, and provides entertainment via competitions and interviews with stars.
  • planet-beruf.de regional leads to information and contacts regarding the subject of training in one's own region.

The portal for teachers - careers guidance at school

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The teachers' portal of planet-beruf.de keeps teachers up to date on the topics of vocational training and occupations. It provides facts, ideas and teaching materials for preparing modern and successful careers lessons.

  • Berufswahl aktuell provides information about the market for vocational training positions and contains tips for job-search and applications.
  • Unterricht mit planet-beruf.de demonstrates how the media of planet-beruf.de can be used in careers lessons and provides teaching ideas.
  • Partner bei der Berufswahl provides information about the careers guidance services as well as tips for cooperation between school, parents and companies.
  • Service makes all worksheets and logos available for downloading, contains the Newsletter for teachers, and provides a list of links associated with careers guidance.
  • planet-beruf.de regional leads to information and contacts regarding the subject of training in one's own region.

The portal for parents - parents really helping their children

screenshot of parents' portal

In the parents' portal parents and guardians can find the background information they need to be good advisers to their children when they are making career choices.

  • Fahrplan zum Beruf provides information as to where young people and parents can find support with career choice decisions.
  • Mein Kind unterstützen helps parents and young people during the job application phase.
  • Ausbildung & Beruf presents types of training courses and occupations.
  • Engagiert mitwirken offers parents (and parents' councils) materials for their work e.g. at parents' evenings, and shows examples of how to use them in practice.
  • Service contains a list of links, a glossary, as well as the Newsletter for parents and guardians.
  • planet-beruf.de regional leads to information and contacts regarding the subject of training in one's own region.

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