About planet-beruf.de

Das BERUFE-Universum - Du suchst deinen Beruf? (The occupations universe - which career is right for you?)

The self-discovery tool known as the "occupations universe" (BERUFE-Universum) is the central point of the planet-beruf.de Internet portal. Career choice is made easier for lower secondary school pupils who do not yet have any definite ideas about their future occupation. For the tool introduces the young people step by step to occupations for which they are best qualified.

screenshot of occupations universe

The "occupations universe" is intended to

  • promote young people's own initiative in the career choice process,
  • serve, with the results obtained, as an initial basis for decisions regarding career choice, e.g. for interviews between the young person and teachers, careers advisers, or parents and guardians,
  • to encourage young people to seek further information on occupations and
  • to support the transition from school to work.

The occupations universe helps school pupils to find out which career is right for them. Here young people can discover their occupational interests and strengths and on the basis of this they can find the occupations that best suit them. In four sections the self-discovery tool asks questions about

  • occupational interests,
  • personal strengths,
  • behaviour,
  • school qualifications and marks
  • and on the basis of the replies ascertains suitable occupations from a total of some 500 recognised vocational training occupations.

The tool can be used online via the www.planet-beruf.de portal: BERUFE-Universum

Psychological basis

The tool was conceived and developed under the scientific supervision of Prof. Heinrich Wottawa from the Ruhr-University of Bochum. The self-discovery tool takes into account the psychological situation in which lower secondary school pupils find themselves. The tool is easy to use, entertaining and interactive. In the examples shown, young people can see themselves and the world in which they move. The "occupations universe" is intended to be fun for the school pupils but also to provide them with new insights, for example

  • that there are far more career options than they would have expected,
  • that after using the tool they are better able to judge what suits them and what doesn't,
  •  that they can find information about occupations by themselves,
  •  that they have taken another big step on the way to a training position.

Lists of results

screenshot of BERUFE-Universum - Gesamtergebnis (occupations universe - overall result)

When working with the "occupations universe" the young users obtain three lists of results altogether:

  • The list of results according to interests
    indicates occupations or occupational fields that match their interests.
  • The list of results according to strengths
    lists occupations for which they are suited according to the strengths they have reported.
  • The overall result
    lists the occupational interests and strengths; it contains the occupational fields and the occupations from the list of results according to strengths.  The results point out occupations which could be difficult to get into, for example owing to the details on behaviour or school marks.

All of the lists of results can be printed out. The users can also call up more detailed information on the occupations directly on the screen and they can watch BERUFE.TV-videos of the Federal Employment Agency. The results profile is a valuable basis for when the young people discuss careers with their parents, teachers and careers advisers.