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Application training on planet-beruf.de

Practice makes perfect. That also applies in the job application process. That is why planet-beruf.de offers application training. Young people learn how to write a convincing job application, how to prepare for selection tests and how to be convincing during a job interview.

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Under the rubrics

  • Bewerbungs-ABC (ABC of applying for a job)
  • Bewerbungsmappe (application file, e.g. letters of application, CVs)
  • Online bewerben (applying for a job online)
  • JOBBÖRSE - Bewerbungsmanager (JOBBÖRSE - job application manager)
  • Auswahltests (selection tests)
  • Vorstellungsgespräch (the job interview)
  • So geht’s weiter (what happens next)

young people can find information, exercises, tips and checklists for all stages of the job application process. Knowledge is imparted and tested in an interesting and varied way, e.g. by means of worksheets, exercises, videos, podcasts and photos.

The programme can be used online via the www.planet-beruf.de Internet portal.

App available

In addition, there is the app "Bewerbung: Fit fürs Vorstellungsgespräch" which helps school pupils to prepare for job interviews and to keep track of their applications. The app is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

More information about the media package

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Step by step to a successful job application

From the planning stage right through to letters of application, CVs and job interviews, the application training on planet-beruf.de goes through the entire job application process:

  • Application
    The planet-beruf.de application training is intended to enable young people to create an attractive job application. With the aid of worksheets and checklists the school pupils learn how to write both standard job applications and online applications.
  • Selection test
    On the basis of selected exercises, school pupils can prepare for selection tests. Information texts, videos and exercises provide the required background information.
  • Job interview
    School pupils can use the application training to prepare for their job interviews. Videos and exercises, for example, show what has to be taken into consideration.
  • Further information
    The application training also supports school pupils after their job interview and provides tips about what to do when their application is accepted or rejected. Young people learn what documents they need to start training or how to deal with rejections.