Tips: We’re stronger together

It’s easier in a team

Many tasks are carried out more effectively and quickly when you’re part of a team. In a group, everyone has a specific job and it is important that team members feel they can rely on each other. Here, you will learn the skill of teamwork and how you can improve your ability to work in a team.

A group of students
Two young people working together.
You can help each other in a group.

This is teamwork

Teamwork is an important skill in your professional life and may already be one of your strengths if you find it easy to work with other people. It also means you have no problem in agreeing common objectives with others. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural team player; you can learn or improve this strength in various ways, and it’s best to start working on it right away.

Solve tasks together

You can practice teamwork particularly when you have to solve a task in a group. Use an example among friends and see how you can plan your next outing together.
First, agree on what you’re going to do and where you’re going. Then plan what you’ll need for the trip, e.g. tickets for public transport, food and drink, and tickets if you’re going to a cinema or museum.

Share strengths and skills

Discuss within the group who will carry out the various tasks and consider who has the appropriate skill. So, the person whose strength is organisation should plan the trip and assign tasks. Someone with a great sense of responsibility can collect and carry the money. If a team member is very creative they could, for example, bake a cake or compile a schedule for the day.
This exercise teaches you how to assign tasks within a team, and how everyone in the group must contribute to ensure a good result and outcome. You have to rely on each other in a team and must take your role in the team seriously.
If you lack certain knowledge or are unable to perform a task, then discuss this with the other members of the group and together you’re bound to find a solution!