Tips for the internship

Conduct during internship

During your internship you can gather valuable experience for your later apprenticeship. This works best, when you show interest in the intership. How does that work? Simple:

An apprentice in conversation with an instructor.

Be punctual

Don‘t be late. It is impolite to let others wait.

Is "Du" or "Sie" better?

Start off saying the polite form, "Sie" to everyone. Should anyone offer you the "du" form, then you can gladly take it up.

Please, thank you, happy to

These words are always received well. For example: "Könnten Sie mir bitte helfen?" (Can you please help me?); "Danke für Ihre Hilfe!" (Thank you for your help!); "Gerne helfe ich Ihnen!" (I am happy to help you!)

Let others finish speaking

When someone explains something to you, don’t interrupt them. You wouldn’t like being interrupted when you’re speaking either, right?

Ask, ask, ask

You are doing an internship in order to learn something. When you ask questions, you express interest.

Be ready to help!

Being ready to help makes a good impression. Look around for something to do. Or ask someone what else you can do.

Take criticism on board

If someone criticises your work, ask yourself what you can do better next time. That’s the only way you can learn!

Don‘t spread gossip

In many companies, other people are talked about meanly. As an intern you are better off keeping out of this, given that it doesn’t make a good impression.

Private is private

Private calls, surfing the internet or constantly telling private stories – you shouldn’t do this in the workplace. There is time after work for that!

Don’t pass things on

Some of the company information is secret. You are not allowed to pass it on back at home. If you aren’t sure then ask if you’re allowed to talk about it.

Are there problems?

Should you have problems during your internship, speak to your supervisor.

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