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What do you want to be? The "BERUFE Entdecker" from planet-beruf.de will help you to find an answer to this question. Test the application online on planet-beruf-de or download the app!

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With help from pictures out of Berufswelt, you can discover which profession could suit you.

1st The start screen

You have three possible answers to the question "what do you want to be?"

  • I still have no idea.
  • I know which area I want to work in.
  • I already have a dream profession.

2nd Step

You have chosen "I still have no idea" for example. Photos now appear in succession. They show typical work branches in various skilled professions. You can mark the photos with "like" and "dislike".

3rd Step

You receive areas of work called, for example, "Professions in the service sector", which fit the pictures picked out. You can look at these properly, by doing the activities-check. For this, you rate six typical activities from this area of work. If you like the activity, you click on the heart. If you don’t like it, you click on the X.

4th Step

After your activities-check has been evaluated, you receive the names of suitable professions. The professions are listed according to your "likes" in the activities-check. Now you can carry out in-depth research into the given professions. You can read through job descriptions, daily routines and daily reports. You can also look at pictures and films. If a profession seems especially good to you, you can mark this profession in the results list.

5th Step

The professions that you’ve bookmarked in your results list can now be printed out. Take the document with you to Vocational Guidance to determine whether your strengths fit with profession found. Or you can post it to your friends on Facebook.

Test it out for yourself!

This is where you get to the BERUFE Entdecker

Click on the logo for "BERUFE Entdecker".

The app is available free through Google Play for Android and in the App Store for iOS.

Status: 02.05.2016