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"In Germany, communication is getting better and better!"

Mahmoud and Zuheir from Syria have done it. Thanks to Dean André Hermany and colleagues of the St. Otto parish in Cadolzburg they made it safely to Germany. The brothers explain how they feel, what they like and what plans they have.

Portrait of two young refugees from Syria
Mahmoud and Zuheir from Syrien are happy with peoples' eagerness to help in Germany. The have already learned German very well.

Mahmoud from Damaskus wants to improve his German further:

Portrait of a young man from Syria
Mahmoud treasures freedom of opinion and democracy.

„I have been living in Germany for a year and two months. I attend an integration course and will finish German B1 in two months. At the beginning, it felt funny. In the first few months I didn’t understand what people were saying. What if they were saying something about me? With some, I could talk a bit of English. Then I learned German step by step and things got much easier. I like travelling. Six months ago, I visited my younger brother, Magid, in Berlin. In one of the streets there, called Sonnenallee, there are lots of Arabic shops, food and drinks - just like in Syria! That was really nice! I also found the Bundestag and the Brandenburger Gate good. I travelled for the first time on a funicular railway along the Algaeu Mountains in Oberstdorf.

I like that you can move about freely and say what you want. Germany is a democratic land, in which I am happy to live in. In Syria, I studied law for three years. I couldn’t finish it. I want to learn more German here. Then I can go to Uni and maybe study economics.

Zuheir from Damaskus would like to do an apprenticeship:

Portrait of a young man from Syria
Zuheir is looking for an apprenticeship working as a sport and fitness administrator.

„What I find particularly good about Germany is the organisation. The laws. Everything is regulated! It was of course, all new. I noticed that the people in Germany are all very nice and helpful. They always want to help us. I have lived here for two years and five months. My B2 course is really great. I learn a lot. My teacher is very good and very committed. We are like a family in class. Now and then we go on trips. To Prague. The town has lots of bridges and interesting churches. It is very beautiful, romantic. With Mr. Hermany, I visited Trier as part of a group trip. There are many Roman buildings there. It reminded me of Syria.

After the language course I would really like to do an apprenticeship. As a sport and fitness administrator. Last year I applied to a fitness centre, but unfortunately, I didn’t get a place. I want to try again this year. It will still be a while before I can work, but I feel comfortable here. Mr. Hermany, the parish employees, Maria and her son Jürgen, always support us. Now we are going to help our parents with the move. We are happy that they have also got to Germany safely.

Status: 22.12.2016
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