Report: Ability to handle responsibility and work independently

Responsible and independent during training

Your strengths play an important role when choosing a profession. Only when you know what you can do well can you find a training program that matches your needs. A responsible attitude and independence, for instance, are important strengths in any profession.

A geriatric nursing assistant puts on an elderly person's shoes
In health care professions, you will take on responsibility for sick or older people.
A young man does crafts with two children at a table.
You take on responsibility when you care for your younger siblings


You are responsible if you abide by the agreements you have made with others. In your free time, for instance, you take on responsibility when you do chores or look after your younger siblings.

You will need to show responsibility often in your career. If you are assigned a task, you must complete it correctly and stick to your deadline. Careers where you work with people require an especially high level of responsibility. As a geriatric nursing assistant or healthcare and nursing assistant, for instance, you will care for sick or older people. They rely on your ability to take time for them and know how to help them.

A young woman drills holes into a steel plate in a company.
Working independently is important in many professions.


If you complete a task alone, you are working independently. You don’t always need someone else to tell you what to do. You show independence, for instance, if you do your homework alone and decide when to study for which subject on your own.

Independence is an important strength for any skilled occupation. Even if someone explains to you what you need to do at first, after that you work alone. That means you complete your work without the help of others. You also recognize what tasks need to be done without someone having to tell you. As a housekeeper, for instance, you make a list of what food you need. Then you buy them on your own.

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