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This is how to find your way

Are you having problems finding an apprenticeship place? Do not worry! There are a lot of possibilities, which help you to find an apprenticeship. You can get to know several of these possibilities here.

An apprentice shows an apprentice something.
In an entry qualification you do for example a longer internship and this way you get to know the profession and the company well.
A teacher teaches pupils.
With a vocational-preparatory training measure you get to know many different professions.

If e.g. you do not speak the language so well yet, you may perhaps find it difficult to find a training profession. Certain offers help you to improve your language and to get to know various professions.

The vocational-preparatory training measure (BvB)

The offer of the Employment Agency is suitable for you if you are no longer of compulsory school age. A vocational-preparatory training measure helps you to improve your language. You will be given lessons in general education subjects and German.

In addition you will carry out various industrial placements during this time. This way you get to know a lot of professions and will be prepared for an apprenticeship. In addition, the industrial placement company gets to know you well – perhaps this will subsequently lead to an apprenticeship place. During the BvB you also gain an insight into the daily professional routine of a company.

The entry qualification (EQ)

If you have not found an apprenticeship yet and have fulfilled your compulsory school education, an entry qualification is perhaps something for you. Here you will carry out an internship of 6 to 12 months in a company. This way you will find out something about the profession and the company gets to know you better. This can lead to you being taken over for an apprenticeship after this period of time.

If you are interested in these or further measures, please contact your career guidance or the job center. They will provide you with further assistance with all questions.

Status: 09.01.2019