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Report: Helping helps!

Be active and join in!

You are happy when someone helps you. Other people also find it good when you do something for them. With a voluntary occupation, you can help other people, which is good for other people and also good for your future.

Two men examine plants in a greenhouse.
Through a voluntary project, you can do something good for the environment.

You can help here!

There are many places where volunteer helpers are being looked for. Above all, in the area of health and care. You can, for example, take part in a first aid course in your local area. You can tutor other students at school in a subject that you’re good at.

Interested in Bundesfreiwilligendienst?

Information on Bundesfreiwilligendienst can be found on the internet at www.bundes-freiwilligendienst.de. You can also get in contact with an advisor. They will help you with the search for a free place.

Bundesfreiwillige welcome

There is also a programme called Bundesfreiwilligendienst. You can take part in this programme. Through it, you will be looking after, for example, elderly people in a retirement home. Alternatively, you will help with the environment and nature, in that you, for example, plant new trees.

Helping others helps you too!

Helping others is fun and gives you a good feeling. However, you also learn about professions, e.g. gardening or geriatric caring. Through it you could realise that you also want to do that as a career. Through a voluntary occupation, you learn about new things, for example, how to work in a team or how you deal with conflicts.

Helping takes you further!

A girl writes an application.
You can put your volunteer work in your application - it comes across well!

It is good to write in the application that you help others voluntarily. It shows that you are motivated and that you can get on well with others. You can also write in the application what you have learned through your voluntary occupation and which strengths you have discovered. This will increase your chances of an invitation to an interview.

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