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Report: From the internship to the apprenticeship

Get started with an internship

The search for an apprenticeship place is not always easy. However, you can make it easier for yourself. An internship gives you an insight into the world of work and facilitates the entry into the apprenticeship.

A youth during an interview
By an internship you come a bit closer to your requested profession.
A group of youths at the computer
Find out where your strengths lie.

An internship has a lot of advantages

You are not sure yet which training profession suits you? An internship can help you. You get to know the tasks in a profession. This way you can find out where your strengths lie and what you are not very good at.

With an internship you gain an insight into a company and you find out something about the flows in a company. However, the company can also gain a picture of you and assess your abilities better. This improves your chances to get an apprenticeship contract.

Right way to submit an application

Apprentices are often sought for in professions such as e.g. baker, painter and lacquerer or electronics technician. An internship in one of these professions makes it easier for you to enter into the apprenticeship. You can find internship places e.g. in the JOBBÖRSE of the Employment Agency or directly via the homepage of a company.

An application folder
You will also need an application folder for an internship.

An internship is also mentioned in the curriculum vitae and gives a good impression. It shows that you have informed yourself about the profession. This helps you to find an apprenticeship place. You apply for an internship as for an apprenticeship. You can e.g. send your curriculum vitae and a personal letter by e-mail to the company.

APPLICATION compact of planet-beruf.de helps you with your application. Here you will find tips what must be included in a letter to the company and which documents belong in the application folder.

Status: 17.10.2018