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Recognise your strengths

Get to know yourself!

Drawing a conclusion about someone else happens quickly. Rating yourself is admittedly not so easy. However, with the following tips you can build an image of your strengths pretty well.

A trainee points out the metalworking to an Azubi.

Compare yourself

There are definitely some things which you can do well. Perhaps you can paint well or you get on well with people. Compare yourself to others to try to find out what you are good at. Observe your friends during activities that you’re good at for example. Do they do it better than you? Find out precisely what is better. That’s something you can then learn from them. In this way, your skills get stronger.

Pay attention to feedback

At school or during sports training you always know exactly whether you are good or if you need to get better. This is because you get direct feedback. For example, at school through grades. With sport, through your trainer or peers. Learn to listen more consciously to such feedback and to act on it.

Search for challenges

You probably know only a small number of your strengths. You discover your strengths best when you use them. Take on tasks that you don’t know yet. Try out things which you think you can‘t do. For example, start making pottery or learn an instrument.

Be true to yourself

Don’t take feedback lightly. Think about whether the praise or criticism you get is really appropriate. But be true to yourself. Often, we let undeserved praise count more than justified criticism.

Status: 02.05.2016