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Gather practical experience

Use internships

In order to find out if you like something, you have to try it out. That is also the case for choosing a profession. An internship in a company is exactly the right opportunity.

An apprentice and a master at work

Learning about professions

You learn about the tasks of a profession through an internship. In the process, you can test whether you are bringing the right skills with you. If you don’t like the work during the internship, it’s not the end of the world. It still helps you. You then know exactly which apprenticeship don't work for you. Ideally, you should carry out your next internship in another area. In this way, you gather experience and find out what you would like to do one day.

Get a glimpse into working life

During an internship, you find out about a profession. You also learn about work processes in a company. You can also practice how to handle you colleagues as well as your bosses. Show what you can do. Internships can in fact sometimes lead to apprenticeship contracts.

Advantages for applications and interviews 

If you have one internship or more listed on your CV, it is good for your application. It shows that you have an idea of your work and are engaged.

Status: 02.05.2016