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Come along to Girls' and Boys‘Day

Careers day

Whether you’re a boy or a girl, you can take any job that matches your abilities. Come along to the Girls’ and Boys’Day in April and learn about some new career opportunities.

Two students in the school class
Anyone can have any job they want, even it may be considered as a "male" or "female" career.
A chemist observes a liquid in a glass vessel.
On Girls’Day, girls can gain insights into technical careers such as chemists.

Careers for men, careers for women - that doesn’t really exist. You can choose the job that best suits your strengths and interests. For example, as a girl, you can be a gifted artisan and as a boy you may have social skills.

For girls: Girls’Day

On Girls’Day, girls can learn about technical or manual careers, and involves occupations including chemist, electronics technician, on-site firefighter or painter and varnisher.


For boys: Boys’Day

An educator helping children with their homework.
On Boys’Day, boys can learn about a career as an educator.

On Boys’Day, boys can gain insight into social professions including child carer, health worker and nursing. You can also learn about professions such as hairdressing or specialist sales assistant in artisanal food production.

Save the date and take part!

If you’re interested in coming along to Girls’ or Boys’Day, please register online. If you need help with registration and preparation, please contact your careers advisor or mentor, and they will certainly support you in this project.

Enter the competition!

You have registered yourself successfully? Then you can also participate in #girlsdaypower or #boysdaypower. Send a picture of yourself showing you at your Girls' or Boys’Day workplace. Write and let us know what the day means to you and what your strengths are.

Status: 21.03.2018