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Kamiran enjoys working with his hands most in his apprenticeship. However, he also finds the alternating tasks between the handicraft work, the operating of computers and machines and the contact to the customers exciting.

A young man is measuring the wooden slats.
An internship in a trade company can help you to get an apprenticeship place.
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In handicraft trades you learn a lot of specialist terms in the vocational college.

Kamiran (22), 1st year of apprenticeship as an orthopaedic technology mechanic in the Orthopädie Forum Erlangen:

"I was always interested in handicraft work. In Syria I often helped e.g. with the assembly of furniture. In Germany I was then able to carry out several internships as an orthopaedic technology mechanic. A company offered me an apprenticeship place after the internship.

During the apprenticeship I am in the company for several months and then in the vocational college for a few weeks again. During this time I live with the other apprentices in a hall of residence. I learn German and Mathematics in the vocational college and have specialist lessons. At the beginning it was difficult to learn the many new terms. However, it gets better and better over time.

"Training opportunities for refugees"

A young woman is operating a machine.
Handicraft skills and enjoyment of dealing with machines are part of an apprenticeship in the handicraft trade.

A project of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), of the Federal Employment Agency and the Central Association of the German Trade prepares for an apprenticeship in the handicraft trade. If you are no longer of compulsory school age and have knowledge of the German language, you can apply. First of all, you will gain an overview of the handicraft trade professions. Then you can get to know up to three professions in more detail. The aim is an apprenticeship.

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