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What does a baker actually do? What does a carpenter’s day look like? On you can find out everything about your dream profession and get a glimpse into its everyday workings.

A notebook.

Professions from A-Z

Under the heading, "Mein Beruf", you can find "Berufe von A-Z". The professions are organised according to the alphabet. When you click on a profession, a site opens with more information about the profession.


The BERUFENET-profile offers you important information summarised: e.g. how long does the apprenticeship last and what requirements are there.


In the profession films, young apprentices talk about their activities and tasks.

Daily routine ("Tagesablauf")

If you want to know what a typical working day looks like in a profession, take a look at the daily routine. A short text describes the various tasks of the day. Photos show the activities.

Job inside

In a Job inside, young people explain how they found their way to their profession. They also talk about what tasks they take on and what requirements there are to learn about this profession.

Profession areas

In profession areas like "agriculture, nature" or "transport, logistics", all professions are summarised that have similar activities and tasks. They help you to get a quick overview of the many professions.

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