Industry report: Professions all about food

Taste, ingredients and recipes

Are you interested in the topic of nutrition? Perhaps an apprenticeship all about food is something for you. Here, you can, for example, produce food yourself. We will show you which professions there are in this profession.

A young woman at work in a bakery.

Work with your hands

Bakers produce baked goods like loafs, rolls and pretzels. For this, they weigh for example, flour, milk, eggs or sugar according to the recipe and mix ingredients together. Some working steps are done by machines, however there is still a lot to be made by hand.

Sweet baked goods

If you are interested in the production of pralines or cakes, you can become a confectioner. For this, you would measure out various ingredients and make confectionary. In addition, you would create cakes for special occasions, like a wedding or a birthday. At the same time, you would work according to the customer’s wishes and recommend them products.

Sell food

Sales assistants specialised in food production sell food and serve customers. According to what type of food is being sold, there are three main points. In the butcher area, you would work with meat and sausage goods. For the sale of baked goods, you would work in the bakery area. If you want to sell tarts and cake, you can decide on the confectioner area.

Preparation and presentation

In the kitchen, chefs get meals ready and present them. As well as this, they organise work procedures and order ingredients in. During the apprenticeship, you would learn everything about the storage and preparation of various foods.

Special conditions of the food sector

In food sector professions, it is important that you can get used to the working conditions. As a baker or confectioner, work begins very early. Working through the night, on the weekend and on bank holidays is very common in food service. In warehouses it often smells strongly and is very cold.