Meet requirements

What do professions require?

Your interests could point you to your dream profession. However, your skills and your school leaving certificate decide whether you are qualified for the profession. Therefore, find out whether you meet the requirements for your intended profession.

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Learn about the requirements

In the BERUFENET-profiles, you can check the requirements for your dream profession. Search for a profession field and click on the profession you are interested in. It opens in a new window: right at the top, you’ll find the BERUFENET-profiles. At "Worauf kommt es an?" and "Welcher Schulabschluss wird erwartet?" you can find the requirements.

Develop your profile

Don’t be daunted if you don’t quite meet the requirements yet. Through practice, you can learn or improve many of the requirements. For example, try to improve your school grades through additional learning. If this is too difficult for you, then search for a profession which suits you better. Your Vocational Guidance helper is happy to help you with this!

Find alternatives

Alternatives to your dream profession are shown on BERUFENET: enter your dream profession into the search bar and click at the top on Ausbildung » Ähnliche Ausbildungen.

You can acquaint yourself with professions and their everyday requirements on or in the daily routines on the school portal of

Tagesabläufe (daily routines)

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