Interview: Helping people is rewarding

Training through work experience

Reza is currently in his first year of training as a carer for the elderly. He previously carried out a 3-week period of work experience with his employer and told how the work experience helped him find a training place.

A young carer for the elderly helps an elderly man.
As a carer for the elderly, you work with older people and help them in their everyday life.
A carer for the elderly helps a resident with an oxygen device.
Carers for the elderly are also responsible for the medical care of the residents. Why did you want to do work experience in care for the elderly?

Reza: I’ve always liked working with people, and I like helping them. What did you do in your period of work experience?

Reza: I help the elderly get dressed and undressed. I also help them eat and get out of bed. I did so many things that I’m now learning how to do properly in my training. What did you like about your work experience?

Reza: People were really grateful for all the help they received. What did you find difficult?

Reza: It took a while for the residents to trust me, but the problem vanished after a few days.

A carer helps a lady out of her bed and on to the rollator.
Older people often need help with standing up and walking. Did you already know during your work experience that you would like to be a carer for the elderly?

Reza: No, not right away. I talked to the student carers about the training, and they told me that the vocational college course was not that easy, and you have to learn numerous technical terms. As I’ve only been in Germany for 2 ½ years, it would be quite difficult for me, but I decided to attend college anyway. I’m also doing a German course now to have a better grasp of the subject matter. Did the work experience help you with the decision to train and find a job?

Reza: Yes, very much. So, I could get to know the job of a carer for the elderly. And I received the offer from my training company following my work experience to do my training there. My level of higher education enabled me to start right away. I’m very satisfied with my training and delighted about my decision.

Start as a carer for the elderly

The entry into the care of the elderly is also possible through training as geriatric nursing assistant, and the entry requirement for this is generally the school leaving certificate. After training as a geriatric nursing assistant, you can complete a shorter period of education as a carer for the elderly.

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