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You want to give yourself an idea of your dream profession? Then have a look at the videos on BERUFE.TV. In the film portal of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit you can get lots of information about professions.

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On BERUFE.TV interns and apprentices are in front of the camera. They describe their profession themselves. You’ll find out why they decided on their profession and what their tasks are. Of course, they also talk about what is particularly fun at work for them.

BERUFE.TV has videos of over 300 professions on offer. As well as this, you can find films about choosing a profession and applications under "Weitere Filme". There are constantly more films, so it is worth it to take a look at BERUFE.TV often.

Pretty fast or in-depth

On BERUFE.TV you can choose out of three types of videos:

The spot films will give you a short glimpse into the typical activities of a profession type.

You can compare various skilled professions from one area in the summary films.

The profession films show you skilled professions individually and comprehensively. Typical activities are shown and explained. Additionally, you get information about the requirements of the apprenticeship and possible further trainings.

By the way, BERUFE.TV is also available as a free app for smartphones and tablets.

Profession films on

If you find out about an apprenticeship on in the school portal under Berufe von A-Z, you will find on every profession page the matching film from BERUFE.TV. Click on the player. Then you can see the film straight away.

Professions from A-Z


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