Your path to a career

Vocational training or off-the-job training: There are many ways in Germany to learn a job.

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In-company/dual training

Most trainings are dual. This means you will receive training in two places: at a company and at vocational school. At the company, you practice practical skills. At vocational school, you learn the know-how for your job. Training usually takes between 2 and 3.5 years. During this time, you get paid: You receive "training pay".

Off-the-job training

Some jobs can only be learned at vocational school. They include social professions, for example. Off-the-job trainings usually take between 1 and 3 years. In addition to lessons, you do internships. So for several weeks, you work at a company. You usually don't receive any compensation. Jobs with a high internship share, e.g. in geriatric or nursing care, are an exception. If you attend a private vocational school, you pay school fees.

School certificates are important

A school leaving certificate is important to be able to start a training.. Therefore, please clarify in advance whether the school certificate from your home country is recognised in Germany.

"Men and women are equal"...

This is stated in the constitution. This means, for example, that boys and girls in Germany have the same opportunities for education. They both start school at a certain age, and women and men can choose their job freely.

Which trainings are there?