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What is hiding behind MINT?

Exciting professions

You might have already heard of the term, MINT. But what does it actually stand for? And what is a MINT profession? You can have the answers with us.

A young man measures something on the junction box.
A MINT profession could be exactly right for you.

MINT is the abbreviation for Maths, Informatics/Computer Science, Science and Technology. With a MINT profession therefore, you would work in one of these areas. You can discover exactly what possibilities you have in the MINT-search.

If you click on the job, you’ll find the BERUFNET job description there also.

Be smart!

You might not be sure yet whether a MINT profession is for you. In this case you can, for example, take a look at the new “MINT for you”, edition of 2018. There are exciting articles about the MINT topic in the issue.

As well as this, you can also find out about MINT professions on action days. On March 28th for example, Girls’ Day takes place. Girls get a glimpse at MINT professions there. Alternatively, you can visit apprenticeship fairs, where you can speak directly with companies.

You can find dates in the overview, “Ausbildungsmessen” (Apprenticeship Fairs).

Apprenticeship search

A young woman examines something in a cable cabinet.
The responsibilities of a MINT profession can be very versatile.

You already know that MINT appeals to you and in which profession you want to carry out your apprenticeship? Then all you need to do now is find an apprenticeship position. Search for apprenticeship positions in the JOBBÖRSE or on your mobile using the AzubiWelt app of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.