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Tips for a good start

How the apprenticeship successfully starts

When you begin your apprenticeship, new tasks and people will be awaiting you. planet-beruf.de gives you tips on how to get along well in the apprenticeship.

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Be punctual

Punctuality is very important in Germany. In order to be on time, it helps to

  • take the route to work once before beginning. Then you’ll know how long you need.
  • lay out your clothes ready for the first day the night before.
  • pack your bag the day before.

Be polite

Be polite to all colleagues:

  • Say „Bitte“ (please) and „Danke“ (thank you).
  • Part of it is a friendly greeting, goodbye, some smalltalk in the lift or a kind word to your colleagues.
  • Hold the door open for your colleagues.

Be open to new experiences

You are doing your apprenticeship to learn something. If you don’t understand or are not sure about something, then ask. You‘ll show your interest through this.

Stay on top of things

You’ll learn a lot of new things during the apprenticeship. Write down the tasks you have to carry out, so that you don't forget them.

Offer your help

The flowers need more water? The canteen could do with a tidy? Ask if you can help.

Don’t be scared of making mistakes

People make mistakes at first. It is normal. What’s important, is that you learn from your mistakes.

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