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For young refugees: advantages of an apprenticeship in Germany

This is how an apprenticeship helps you

Have you only been in Germany for a short time? You’re not sure what professional options you have yet? Find out about a dual traineeship in an area that you’re good at.

Discover what advantages you get with an apprenticeship.

A young apprentice works with a cordless screwdriver
A vocational training in Germany has many advantages.

Dual means „doubled, twofold“. During a dual traineeship theory and practice are alternated. The opportunities you get from a dual traineeship are diverse: there are over 300 different skilled professions.

Next consider what you can do particularly well. Then, once you know your strengths, it will be easier for you to pick out a skilled profession.

A young girl writes into a notebook.
You will have lessons at the vocational school. At your training company, you learn the practical content.

Dual Traineeship: doubly qualified

At the vocational school you will receive lessons in German, Maths, English and vocation-relevant subjects. This knowledge can then be transferred directly to your training company. Throughout your apprenticeship, you will already be working. In this way, you will get to know about operational processes and how to deal with your colleagues.

Financial security during the apprenticeship

A dual traineeship lasts between two and three-and-a-half years. For your practical use at your training company, you receive a certain amount of money at the beginning of the apprenticeship, the apprenticeship allowance. The apprenticeship allowance increases with each year of training. Furthermore, you can apply for grants such as the Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe (BAB) (Vocational Training Assistance). After completion, you can earn more than you could have without vocational training.

In demand as a specialist

Having completed vocational training you are a specialist and therefore very much in demand. Companies appreciate your proficiency in your profession. As a result, your professional opportunities are very promising, and not just on the German job market. Promotion prospects abroad are also opened to you.

Security for the future

The more motivated and reliable you show yourself to be throughout your apprenticeship, the more positive will your impression be on the apprenticing company. This can lead to your employer taking you on at the end of your apprenticeship.

Many opportunities after the apprenticeship

With further training, you can receive more responsibility and a better salary. Through additional qualifications you can specialise even during your traineeship and, for example, improve your speaking or computer skills.

Moreover, after completion you can, for example, take a master’s exam or begin studying. A dual traineeship offers you vocational advantages as well as the chance to integrate yourself in society.

This gives you the sense of achievement.

Status: 29.08.2017