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Tips: well prepared in the interview

It all comes down to you

Congratulations, you have made it to the interview! Now it comes down to you impressing with your personality. There are a few tips for you to present yourself correctly.

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The better you prepare yourself, the more confident you will feel!
Two hands from different people hold an application portfolio.
Take your application documents, along with a pen and some notes, with you to your interview.

Preparation is half the job

In your BEWERBUNG kompakt and in your Bewerbungstraining, you can find lists with typical questions out of interviews. Try to answer these questions for yourself in advance. This way, you have the chance to practice your wording.

Knowledge is power

As well as the right answers, you should also have the right questions prepared. Write some notes at home about the profession and the company. Does the firm have a number of locations? For example, you could then ask whether you would get to know, not only various departments, but also perhaps various buildings during your apprenticeship. This shows motivation and flexibility.

The right timing 

Punctuality is important and is a part of professionalism in office life. To be punctual does not mean however, to be at the agreed place to the minute. It is normal to turn up ten to fifteen minutes before. Aside from this, you would then have emergency time should something unforeseen happen. But be warned: arriving far too early can also make a bad impression. You should, therefore, test the journey first for security. Then you will know how long you need.

More on the subject

Detailed information like tips on body language or the right clothing can be found in BEWERBUNG kompakt. There, you will find tips for your application, in case you have not yet got an interview.

Status: 06.09.2017