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Job hunt

Find apprenticeship places

Are you on the hunt for an apprenticeship? You can find the appropriate apprenticeship for you through advertisements. However, there is something to look out for. We’ll show you where you can get information and who can help you with questions.

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The search begins

You should start as early as possible before the beginning of the apprenticeship with the job hunt. Particularly some of the big companies start their applications beginning very early. Even small and mid-sized companies plan so that they begin a year in advance of the apprenticeship start with the selection process.

Use information offers

In the JOBBÖRSE of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, you can search for focused apprenticeship positions. You can however also go to a careers fair, look online at the websites of companies, or ring up your dream firm directly and ask.

Who can help me with the search

Approach your local Vocational Guidance helper if you have questions. The Vocational Advice will help you further with the search for an apprenticeship place. You can arrange an appointment on 0800 4 5555 00 (the call is free). Ask your family, friends and acquaintances too. They might know of an apprenticing company, who are offering your intended apprenticeship.

Writing your application

BEWERBUNG kompakt offers many useful tips on applying.

Status: 02.05.2016