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Interview: My application

Success on the first try

Jobran doesn’t waste any time: he has lived in Germany for six years. Now he’s done with school and has an apprenticeship. For his application he got himself help, recounts the 16-year-old together with Andreas Berg of the city administration, Fürth.

Application portfolio

planet-beruf.de: Jobran, who helped you with your application?

Jobran: My teacher and the people from „Punktlandung Ausbildung“ supported me.

Andreas Berg: "Punktlandung Ausbildung" (Precision apprenticeship) is an offer from the town, Fürth. It helps young people on the search to find an apprenticeship. School students can register with us and get support for the application.

Interview partner Jobran
At ten years old, Jobran came together with his family to Germany from Iraq.

planet-beruf.de: What was your first step, Jobran?  

Jobran: An employee of „Punktlandung Ausbildung“ showed me online on BERUFENET handicraft trades and what you do there. In BERUFE.TV, I could watch films. As well as this, we wrote up my CV together.

planet-beruf.de: How did you find out about your apprenticeship position?

Jobran: A representative of a bio-supermarket came to an information evening for parents and students. She talked about the professions that you can learn there and presented the butcher* profession. That’s when I considered that I would like to do that. My uncle was a butcher and I used to sometimes help him at work. My teacher organised a internship in a biomarket for me. I found it really fun.

planet-beruf.de: That’s where you applied for an apprenticeship?

Jorban: Yes, that was my first application. A teacher and the ‘Punktlandung Ausbildung’ helped me with the cover letter. After a few days, they said, “we will give you an apprenticeship position, if you would like it”. Shortly afterwards, I signed the apprenticeship contract with my parents.

Three terms, one profession

Abattoirs, butchers and slaughterers (Metzger/innen, Schlachter/innen und Fleischer/innen) all have the same profession.
The official profession term is „Fleischer/in“.

Write your application

BEWERBUNG kompakt offers you many tips for the application.

Status: 21.09.2016