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Report: What should you include in your application?

Here’s everything you need for your application

Before starting your training, you’ll need to submit an application. Companies are always looking for complete applications. There are different ways to apply, which you can find out here.

Application portfolio and documents
There are several ways to apply. For example, you can send your application documents by post.
A boy puts his application documents in a letterbox
Don’t forget to send all the documents as part of your application portfolio.

If you’re applying for an apprenticeship, you should first read the advert carefully, as it will contain information on the type of application requested by the company. You’ll find the following types of application:

  • Email application
  • Application via an online form provided by the training company
  • Application portfolio sent by post

You’ll need the following documents for all three types of application:

  • Cover letter
  • CV with photo
  • Attachments like school reports and certificates

If you’ve done an internship, you should always ask for a certificate indicating your tasks and performance. Are you a member of a sports team or do you work as a volunteer in your free time? If so, you should get a certificate to prove it – it’s important for your application.

If you want to find out more about application documents, take a look at BEWERBUNG kompakt >> Meine Bewerbung >> Die Bewerbungsmappe. Sample CVs and cover letters can be found at BEWERBUNG kompakt >> Hilfe-Center >>Downloads.

A girl writes her application on a laptop.
Make sure you meet the application deadlines set by companies.

Most applications are submitted via email or via an online application form.

If you’re submitting your application via email, you should write a short text in the email. You should put together your cover letter, CV, school reports and certificates as one PDF file and submit these documents as an email attachment. Make sure the files aren’t too big.

A cover letter is no longer necessary in many cases, especially when applying via an online application form, because training companies want to make the application process easier for you.
Some companies will ask you to send your application by post. You should print out your documents to create an application portfolio, which you should put in a large envelope.

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